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Friends *conditions apply

​People are not against you. They are for themselves.

They will judge you behind your back but won’t say it to your face what’s wrong with you.

They leave you when you are not useful to them.

They will leave you even when you desperately need them. 

Not because they don’t care about you but because they care about themselves and their needs more. Leaving the inconvenience is easy

BUT the ones who stay are true friends. They are the ones who love you unconditionally. They are the ones who will tell your flaws to your face because they want you to improve and win in life. They are the ones who will step up for you when rest of the world steps out even if you are the biggest pain in the arse.

Treasure such friends because it would be a blessing to be able to find even one such friend.

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It’s all about appearances

As we enter into the world, we come across all kinds of people. All different in their own way, but in the end we are all human beings, same DNA with just 1% difference. The core is same in every being, its the packaging, the presentation that makes all the difference. A person can have many personalities all wrapped around the same core.

He or She can have the ability to paint a world you can only imagine, write words that can pierce your soul, have the ability to make ground-breaking discoveries or inventions. Or a person can be simple without any such talent, but he or she just knows the right words to make you feel a little less lonely, to heal the wounds that no one can see.

There are people who would selflessly help you climb the ladder of success, or sacrifice their own life just so you breathe in the air that is free.

Then there are people who would stop at nothing to gain power or anything else their heart desires, no matter how many lives they crush. They move with a single minded approach to achieve the goal they have set their eyes upon.

My point is every person is more than what they appear to be but in the end it all comes down to the face value, how someone appears to be, how someone presents something.

The reality is, in our superficial world, your talent, your true value amounts to nothing unless you find a way to make its face value, its appearance more appealing because appearances matter and sometimes it is the only thing that does.

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It is not untrue when they say
that the old is gold.
Once there was an era
When emotions that were felt
were sincere and heartfelt;
Feelings were special
And full of passion.

The art of speaking with eyes,
Lost under the screens of gadgets
(obscuring our view-
hiding away our real faces).
Alas! I won’t learn
In the present era of modernisation.

That waiting for letters
And whorls of emotions
And the excitement of finally receiving
The letter of the beloved.
Alas! I won’t feel
In the present era of modernisation.

The gentle courting of a lady
Is lost with the chivalry of man.
Unfortunately, dating is now
ruled by expertise in online texting.

The sweet torment of separation
For nights from the beloved,
Is taken away by dry texting.
Alas! It has uncoupled
passion from affection.

Difference between love and lust
lies forgotten.
Ego and self-respect are at war
every second.
There was once an era
where fakeness had no place.
It was an era when
Real feelings prevailed.

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So less Love, So much Betrayal

Sometimes I wonder if everyone else see the world the way I do or am I alone?

I feel like a soul entrapped in a shell represented by my body, chained by the norms of society. I wonder if others feel the same too. True souls, hidden behind the façade of the shells.

Then at other times, I wonder what if nobody ever expressed what they truly think or feel, if they learnt to control their non-verbal mannerisms. The world would become a scary place where you won’t be able to assess what’s on the other person’s mind.

Maybe the world is already a scary place.

People rarely express what they feel, rarely speak what’s on their mind. The point is if we can’t really express ourselves, nobody can truly know us. If they can’t know us, they can’t love us. But isn’t that what everyone else want at the end of the day? To love and to be loved.

That makes us alone despite being loved because the love is incomplete. Afraid to be abandoned because of our negative traits, we have learnt to hide the evil that lives inside us. Maybe that is the reason there is so less love and so much betrayal in the world. Being alone we do not know how to kill the evil.

And so it lives on…

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Stronger Than Love

The only time when our souls seem
Is the moment when you and I are
So I know it in my heart
That it is true,
The love of my life is you.

And In another world, in another life,
I would be yours and you mine.

But It can’t be reality,
Even though my heart is breaking
With the pain
of being separated.

Because it’s not just about being with you,
It’s about being born Into a religion
that separates me from you.

Bound by the chains
that our ancestors have put up,
It’s the only way to preserve
Our families’ honour.

By sacrificing the love
That we feel for each other.
By sacrificing the future
That we envisioned together.

If only God had kept in mind,
While assigning souls to mankind,
To put the soulmates in one religion.
So that nothing could separate
one from the other.

Isn’t He the one who made love and humans?
Isn’t He the one responsible for entire universe?
How could He commit such a blunder
And separate those who can’t survive
Without one another.

Or may be it’s not His mistake.
Why? He never asked to divide the faiths.
Religion was created by mankind
To achieve harmony with the God Divine.

Ironic isn’t it?
That the creation of God,
Love, which is supposed to conquer all,
The natural cause of life on earth,
Is vanquished to dust
By the dividing forces of religion,
The creation of all powerful humans.

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Longing for what’s almost lost…

My Grand ma is terminally ill…She may pass away anytime.
I’ve always seen her as such a healthy women whose hair were still black even when she entered her 70s no not because she dyed them they were like that naturally… While her skin was wrinkle less
All credit goes to her diet.
She was very religious,
I remember her since my childhood as strong figure who believed in herself always moving about doting on everyone.
She would tell me stories of her childhood, of India- Pakistan partition, of her life.
She wanted to study as a child but couldn’t get a chance (still she got all her 6 daughters educated at least till intermediate level or even more) so I taught her a little bit of English, maths, hindi …In return she taught me writing and reading Punjabi, my mother tongue.
This year she turned 87. When I went home from college i saw her after 6 months.
I knew she has been ill but I was never prepared for this.
When I reached home I went straight to her room, and there she was lying, so so weak, so thin, not even 1/3rd of her size what she was 6 months back.
And the worst part, she failed to recognise me, even speaking was so difficult for her..
That’s it I broke..
I couldn’t stop crying for like an hour, my father said I thought u were strong after all you are going to be a doctor, death would be part of life but it just didn’t help.
Through out my stay she only slept. The doctor strung her up with glucose bottles. The syringe or the needle would hurt her and she would cry out just like a child and it would break my heart all over again.
And every other night I dream that she is well again. 
I know she is in so much pain, there is no going back to normal…
But I’m afraid she’ll pass away when I won’t be there and I won’t get my chance to bade her final goodbye..

At least my last memory of her is that before I left when I kissed her she laughed like a child.
And I’m gonna remember her like that.

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A sweet lil girl she was
With rosy lips and large eyes.
Her being seemed surrounded with
Goodness of rare kind.

Anyone who beheld her
would instantly fall in love with her.
Her voice seemed like melody
To every person who heard her.

Alas!The fateful night arrived.
Her Birthday! When she turned nine.

Everyone seemed desperate
To gain her attention.
Showering her innocent beauty
With presents of every nature.

Her favourite present that came to be
Was a little cat whom she named Kitty.

She played with her little Kitty
While everyone left the party.
Her parents went to see off
When Kitty ran out the back-door.

Little Rosy also ran
For she didn’t want to
Loose her present.

Kitty ran into a dark alley,
Rosy followed but slipped on her way.
As she got up, she lost sight of kitty
Instead she saw a hideous being.

Rosy knew nothing of evil.
She innocently asked
“Have you seen my kitten?”

Devil couldn’t behold such beauty,
He couldn’t stand the melody…
All he did was destroy.
All he wanted was to destroy.

He caught Rosy by the throat,
Tore apart the dress that she wore.
He made sure she regretted her being.
Rosy cried and screamed
And Screamed and pleaded.

Her pleas fell on unrelenting ears.
He scorched her innocent soul,
He destroyed the beauty that she was,
He left nothing but a quivering Shell.

Its been 10 years…
She still is nothing but a shell.