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Finding someone who doesn’t exist…

I don’t expect to find someone 
who will ever understand me. 

Someone who will not only understand 
my thoughts
but why I think what I think, 

Someone who will understand 
the experiences 
that shaped me. 

Someone who will know 
my darkest desires,
my deepest secrets, 
what makes me laugh, 
what makes me cry and 
what goes way beyond to touch 
the deepest corners of my soul.

Someone who will understand 
what I want to do, 
what I want to experience. 

Who understands my need to crack jokes 
in serious situations 

And why I need to see a smile 
which is there because of me, 
how it gives me hope, 
why I need that hope.

Someone who knows 
I don’t feel by halves 
it’s’s either euphoria 
or depression 
or moments when I don’t feel anything.

Someone who understands 
what gives me thrills, 
what makes me crazy, 
what breaks me apart into a million pieces.

Someone who knows 
how to deal with me 
when I am broken 
or on the verge of breaking.

I don’t want to be saved, 
I can save myself. 
But someone who is still there 
to make me feel safe 
if I fail. 

I don’t expect to find someone like that 
but may be, 
just may be, 
I do…

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Lost and Found

Mira and Raj loved and hated each other. So much that neither they could live together nor without the other. Raj was the closest to Mira’s heart, close enough not only to protect it but also to stab it. Mira was Raj’s only weakness. Sometimes he loved her and sometimes he hated her for the same. Through the years, they grew with each other. Love went stale but they still were each others need and weakness.

Myths of ideal love still fresh in mind,
Never learning how to survive alone.
Never learning who they truly were.
Never learning what they truly wanted.
Together they completed each other, once separated left them half of what they were.
So many problems, not a single solution. One day Raj lost it and walked out. Mira left shattered swore not to wait, she decided to complete herself again on her own.
Years passed. Wounds healed. Scars left could not be seen.
They learnt on their own the secrets of life.
They learnt where their true passions lie.
They built themselves from the scratch.
Now not halves but complete on their own,
Fate came to play it’s game.
Ex-lovers crossed paths again.
Eyes met, smiles exchanged. A coincident meeting turned into an overnight stay.
They talked all night, apologized​ for their ways, now promised to never hurt each again. Even though they were whole, Mira and Raj realized something was still left missing in their own lives. It was their hearts that they exchanged all those years ago.PicsArt_05-17-10.03.49.jpg

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Friends *conditions apply

​People are not against you. They are for themselves.

They will judge you behind your back but won’t say it to your face what’s wrong with you.

They leave you when you are not useful to them.

They will leave you even when you desperately need them. 

Not because they don’t care about you but because they care about themselves and their needs more. Leaving the inconvenience is easy

BUT the ones who stay are true friends. They are the ones who love you unconditionally. They are the ones who will tell your flaws to your face because they want you to improve and win in life. They are the ones who will step up for you when rest of the world steps out even if you are the biggest pain in the arse.

Treasure such friends because it would be a blessing to be able to find even one such friend.

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It’s all about appearances

As we enter into the world, we come across all kinds of people. All different in their own way, but in the end we are all human beings, same DNA with just 1% difference. The core is same in every being, its the packaging, the presentation that makes all the difference. A person can have many personalities all wrapped around the same core.

He or She can have the ability to paint a world you can only imagine, write words that can pierce your soul, have the ability to make ground-breaking discoveries or inventions. Or a person can be simple without any such talent, but he or she just knows the right words to make you feel a little less lonely, to heal the wounds that no one can see.

There are people who would selflessly help you climb the ladder of success, or sacrifice their own life just so you breathe in the air that is free.

Then there are people who would stop at nothing to gain power or anything else their heart desires, no matter how many lives they crush. They move with a single minded approach to achieve the goal they have set their eyes upon.

My point is every person is more than what they appear to be but in the end it all comes down to the face value, how someone appears to be, how someone presents something.

The reality is, in our superficial world, your talent, your true value amounts to nothing unless you find a way to make its face value, its appearance more appealing because appearances matter and sometimes it is the only thing that does.

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So less Love, So much Betrayal

Sometimes I wonder if everyone else see the world the way I do or am I alone?

I feel like a soul entrapped in a shell represented by my body, chained by the norms of society. I wonder if others feel the same too. True souls, hidden behind the façade of the shells.

Then at other times, I wonder what if nobody ever expressed what they truly think or feel, if they learnt to control their non-verbal mannerisms. The world would become a scary place where you won’t be able to assess what’s on the other person’s mind.

Maybe the world is already a scary place.

People rarely express what they feel, rarely speak what’s on their mind. The point is if we can’t really express ourselves, nobody can truly know us. If they can’t know us, they can’t love us. But isn’t that what everyone else want at the end of the day? To love and to be loved.

That makes us alone despite being loved because the love is incomplete. Afraid to be abandoned because of our negative traits, we have learnt to hide the evil that lives inside us. Maybe that is the reason there is so less love and so much betrayal in the world. Being alone we do not know how to kill the evil.

And so it lives on…