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It is not untrue when they say
that the old is gold.
Once there was an era
When emotions that were felt
were sincere and heartfelt;
Feelings were special
And full of passion.

The art of speaking with eyes,
Lost under the screens of gadgets
(obscuring our view-
hiding away our real faces).
Alas! I won’t learn
In the present era of modernisation.

That waiting for letters
And whorls of emotions
And the excitement of finally receiving
The letter of the beloved.
Alas! I won’t feel
In the present era of modernisation.

The gentle courting of a lady
Is lost with the chivalry of man.
Unfortunately, dating is now
ruled by expertise in online texting.

The sweet torment of separation
For nights from the beloved,
Is taken away by dry texting.
Alas! It has uncoupled
passion from affection.

Difference between love and lust
lies forgotten.
Ego and self-respect are at war
every second.
There was once an era
where fakeness had no place.
It was an era when
Real feelings prevailed.



I'm an undergraduate medical student with a mind which is interested in anything and everything.

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