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So less Love, So much Betrayal

Sometimes I wonder if everyone else see the world the way I do or am I alone?

I feel like a soul entrapped in a shell represented by my body, chained by the norms of society. I wonder if others feel the same too. True souls, hidden behind the façade of the shells.

Then at other times, I wonder what if nobody ever expressed what they truly think or feel, if they learnt to control their non-verbal mannerisms. The world would become a scary place where you won’t be able to assess what’s on the other person’s mind.

Maybe the world is already a scary place.

People rarely express what they feel, rarely speak what’s on their mind. The point is if we can’t really express ourselves, nobody can truly know us. If they can’t know us, they can’t love us. But isn’t that what everyone else want at the end of the day? To love and to be loved.

That makes us alone despite being loved because the love is incomplete. Afraid to be abandoned because of our negative traits, we have learnt to hide the evil that lives inside us. Maybe that is the reason there is so less love and so much betrayal in the world. Being alone we do not know how to kill the evil.

And so it lives on…



I'm an undergraduate medical student with a mind which is interested in anything and everything.

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