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Stronger Than Love

The only time when our souls seem
Is the moment when you and I are
So I know it in my heart
That it is true,
The love of my life is you.

And In another world, in another life,
I would be yours and you mine.

But It can’t be reality,
Even though my heart is breaking
With the pain
of being separated.

Because it’s not just about being with you,
It’s about being born Into a religion
that separates me from you.

Bound by the chains
that our ancestors have put up,
It’s the only way to preserve
Our families’ honour.

By sacrificing the love
That we feel for each other.
By sacrificing the future
That we envisioned together.

If only God had kept in mind,
While assigning souls to mankind,
To put the soulmates in one religion.
So that nothing could separate
one from the other.

Isn’t He the one who made love and humans?
Isn’t He the one responsible for entire universe?
How could He commit such a blunder
And separate those who can’t survive
Without one another.

Or may be it’s not His mistake.
Why? He never asked to divide the faiths.
Religion was created by mankind
To achieve harmony with the God Divine.

Ironic isn’t it?
That the creation of God,
Love, which is supposed to conquer all,
The natural cause of life on earth,
Is vanquished to dust
By the dividing forces of religion,
The creation of all powerful humans.



I'm an undergraduate medical student with a mind which is interested in anything and everything.

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