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A sweet lil girl she was
With rosy lips and large eyes.
Her being seemed surrounded with
Goodness of rare kind.

Anyone who beheld her
would instantly fall in love with her.
Her voice seemed like melody
To every person who heard her.

Alas!The fateful night arrived.
Her Birthday! When she turned nine.

Everyone seemed desperate
To gain her attention.
Showering her innocent beauty
With presents of every nature.

Her favourite present that came to be
Was a little cat whom she named Kitty.

She played with her little Kitty
While everyone left the party.
Her parents went to see off
When Kitty ran out the back-door.

Little Rosy also ran
For she didn’t want to
Loose her present.

Kitty ran into a dark alley,
Rosy followed but slipped on her way.
As she got up, she lost sight of kitty
Instead she saw a hideous being.

Rosy knew nothing of evil.
She innocently asked
“Have you seen my kitten?”

Devil couldn’t behold such beauty,
He couldn’t stand the melody…
All he did was destroy.
All he wanted was to destroy.

He caught Rosy by the throat,
Tore apart the dress that she wore.
He made sure she regretted her being.
Rosy cried and screamed
And Screamed and pleaded.

Her pleas fell on unrelenting ears.
He scorched her innocent soul,
He destroyed the beauty that she was,
He left nothing but a quivering Shell.

Its been 10 years…
She still is nothing but a shell.



I'm an undergraduate medical student with a mind which is interested in anything and everything.

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